Level 1 – BlissBreath 7 Chakra Guided Rebalancing Mp3 with vocal instruction is a great way to start with BlissBreath. It has guided instruction in the beginning and throughout with vocal support. Don’t forget to see the Double Version for only $5 more which includes 5 free meditation books.

BlissBreath breathwork which combines breathing techniques used for over 5,000 years with new scientific technologies of isochronics, binaurals, specific frequencies, ancient tones along with world instruments to allow you a tool to break free from your anchors of the past.

The Music takes Holotrophic breathwork from Stanislav Grof and Rebirthing from Leonard Orr and combines new technology to deliver one of the most advanced Breathwork Music available. This breathwork allows you a bridge between the lower chakras and the higher chakras. Using breath is the only way to bridge between the feeling or unconscious levels and the thinking or conscious areas of the body.

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BlissBreath 7 Chakra With Vocals Rebalancing Mp3 has vocal instruction and is a great way to start with BlissBreath. It has the guided instruction and vocal support.

BlissBreath Balances the 7 Chakras

• Root – Binaurals, Isochronics, Solfeggio and the Didgerdoo

• Sacral – Binaurals, Isochronics, Solfeggio and the Duduk

• Solar Plexus – Binaurals, Isochronics, Solfeggio and the Asian flute

• Heart – Binaurals, Isochronics, Solfeggio and North American Indian drums

• Throat – Binaurals, Isochronics, Solfeggio and Tibetan Overtone Chanting

• 3rd eye- Binaurals, Isochronics, Solfeggio and Indian Chanting

• Crown – Binaurals, Isochronics, Solfeggio and Angelic singing and tones


Isochronics provide another depth in assisting the process of entering the meditative state. This technology can alter brainwaves very fast. Isochronic brainwave entrainment is used in BlissBreath as a fast way to change the way the conscious mind operates.


Binaurals Synchronizes brain waves with meditative and hypnogogic states, and BlissBreath music having embedded binaural beats has the ability to induce and improve such states of consciousness.


Solfeggio healing tones are only one of the frequencies used in BlissBreath. The correct vibrational frequencies can be used to heal and balance our bodies. Each segment of the breathwork music has specific frequencies placed with the purpose of assisting with opening up any blockages.


We use specific tones corresponding with the 7 Chakras to stimulate them during the breathwork. We also combine the healing on the Chakra level as we have discovered that many who suffer with problems in their life also have blocked or closed Chakras. Once the Chakra is opened it allows the energy to flow unobstructed throughout the body.

This 7 Chakra rebalancing Breathwork music is specifically designed to work with all 7 of your chakras over the next hour. Each 7 minute segment corresponds to a specific chakra. The music and tones work in conjunction with your breath to open up any blockages. You may experience energy moving through these various chakra points. Simply allow the life force energy to go where it needs to in your body for healing. While you experience the energy flowing in your body, all you need to do is keep breathing. Prana or life force energy is being drawn into your chakras with each breath you take.

Ancient Tones – The energy vibration from the forms used in BlissBreath create a bridge that allow the listener to cross between the unconscious and conscious parts of the body. Various use of Tibetian gongs &/or bowls for their energy vibration allows healing at very deep levels.

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